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What is Enhanced Economy?

Offered by some carriers, e.g., Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic or World Traveller Plus on British Airways, enhanced economy offers improved accommodation & facilities compared to standard economy class cabins. The improvements can include increased legroom, wider seats, dedicated check-in, premium meals, etc.

See your airline’s website for full details.

What is Business Class?

Offered by most carriers, e.g., Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic or Club World on British Airways, business class travel gives you much higher quality seating, food, drink & ground service. You will normally be entitled to airport lounge access.

Seating is often "lie-flat", making it much easier to sleep during your journey.

See your airline’s website for full details.

What is US preclearance?

Passengers travelling to the US directly from Dublin or Shannon Airport have the opportunity to undertake all immigration and custom inspections at the airport prior to departure; thereby arriving as domestic passengers to the US. This makes for a smoother and faster arrival process and also allows for any luggage to be checked through to the final destination.

For more information on US preclearance please visit:

Shannon Airport:

Dublin Airport:

Can I book flight only?

The Walt Disney Travel Company UK and Ireland is unable to offer flight only reservations. Flights must be booked as part of a Disney package.

What is a code share flight?

A code share is a deal struck between airlines to carry each other's passengers. This allows carriers to provide passengers with a much wider choice of destinations. The flight number of the airline you book with will appear on your ticket and the operating carrier should appear in your flight details.

I've noticed the flight prices can differ during my search for availability: why is this?

We are constantly searching for the best value air fares available, using live availability. The volatility of the market means that, on occasions, fares can change or seats sell out between the time you make an enquiry & confirm a booking.

What age is an air passenger considered an infant?

Children under 2 years are considered an infant. If you want your infant to have a seat on the plane, the child price will apply. All bookings including infants need to be made with our Disney Experts by calling 1800 812 676.

My luggage has not arrived, who do I contact?

Baggage delivery is the responsibility of your individual airline carrier. Please contact the airline / visit their desk located at the airport

What happens to my baggage if I fly indirect?

If your transfer point is outside of the USA or if you have cleared US formalities at Dublin or Shannon Airport, then normally your bags will be transferred for you. If your connection point is in the USA and you have not cleared US formalities beforehand in Ireland, you will be required to reclaim your baggage, clear all US entry formalities, then check your bags back on to your connecting flight.