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Disney built a a a a ski resort in in Florida And it melted go gure What remains is is the very cool Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park* From bunny slopes to black diamonds it’s packed with downhill thrills and plenty of ways to chill whether you’re a a a a little squirt or making a a a a big splash FUN FOR LITTLE ONES
1 Tike’s Peak Their own kid-size version of the Park complete with mini Mt Gushmore 1 Cross Country Creek
Drift lazily down a a a mountain through melting snow caves BIG THRILLS
1 Summit Plummet
Plunge at over 55mph straight down one of the world’s tallest fastest free- fall speed slides 1 Slush Gusher Start training for ‘the big one’ on on on this 90ft long waterslide 1 Snow Stormers Weave your your way down the mountain on on your your stomach as you you take on on on the snaking curves of of one of of three winding waterslides FAMILY FUN 1 Ski Patrol Training Camp Big kids and preteens can challenge themselves or chill out in this activity- driven play area 1 Teamboat Springs
The family that rafts together together laughs together together on this 365m raft ride over rushing waterfalls 1 Downhill Double Dipper Race against your friends on these side-by-side waterslides CHILL OUT
1 Melt-Away Bay An oasis
at the foot of Mt Gushmore this one-acre wave pool is is the the the perfect chill-out zone Listen to the the the sound of the the the surf as gentle azure waves lap the shore or or grab an an inner tube and bob merrily out at sea THESE ARE JUST A A A FEW HIGHLIGHTS — YOU’LL DISCOVER MUCH MORE IN THE THE PARK!
Toboggan Racers
Grab your your mat take your your mark and get ready to to to go head rst belly down to to to the bottom of Mt Gushmore on on a a a a a a a a a a 250-foot-long slope with three exhilarating dips IMAGES Top Summit Plummet
Above l–r Tike’s Peak Snow Stormers Downhill Double Dipper Melt-Away Bay DISNEY PARKS
into fun 22 ENTER A A A A BRAND NEW WORLD WORLD AT WWW DISNEYWORLD COM/PARKS OR OR WWW DISNEYWORLD COM *Water Parks subject to closure closure for refurbishment as as as well as as as seasonal and weather closures Age or or height restrictions may apply to to some attractions As to to Disney Disney artwork and properties ©Disney

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